What is Cryotherapy?

What is Cryotherapy

Author: Joni Harvey

There are a number of factors that can cause hemorrhoids. These factors include obesity, lack of exercise, food allergies, lifting heavy objects and not eating enough dietary fiber. It is not unusual for pregnant women to develop hemorrhoids either during pregnancy or as a result of delivering the baby.  They can be both painful and embarrasing.
If you have hemorrhoids you might have heard of cryotherapy.  There are gels and creams on the market that do cryotherapy, but do most of these gels and creams really work?
There is evidence to suggest that they may cause more problems that they were intended to solve.  Cryotherapy is the freezing off of a hemorrhoid.  How do you go about freezing hemorrhoids? A probe is inserted into the aunus to freeze the hemorrhoid using liquid nitrogen which is applied to the hemorrhoid. This method although somewhat embarrassing is actually painless. Unfortunately, this method only works on external hemorrhoids as it is not possible to freeze any internal hemorrhoids. The process can be easily done in a doctor’s office on an outpatient basis so no hospital stay is required.
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It may be easy and painless, but there may also be some major downfalls to this procedure.  Statistically, the area can be under-frozen or over-frozen and with larger hemorrhoids, this can damage the muscle surrounding it. Do you really want that happening? Are you willing to take this kind of risk?Evidently people need surgery in a few years again to repair the muscle.  Not to mention side-effects like leakage and foul-smells since the muscle gets damaged!So if you’re considering cryotherapy you might want to do a little research and talk to your doctor.  I’m merely presenting some information for personal education purposes only.  Your doctor or proctologist should be able to give you more information.

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