Tradition Herbal Remedies Precaution.

A small precaution regarding Traditional Chinese Medicines.

Over the last decade or so, as the popularity of alternative medicine became en vogue, many of us have at some stage turned to the ancient healing arts for many a reason.  I have seen mentioned on many forums and sites that hemorrhoids are treated with these medicinal herbs.  The unfortunate thing regarding this practice is that once these remedies, medicines etc. became more popular, they also became profitable and started to become mass produced to meet demand.  With this has come a failure to meet safe production criteria, which has in turn lead to dangerous “versions” of the original ancient tried and trusted medicine.  Please see below an excerpt from longer online) regards to a particular hemorrhoids herbal medicine that is still quite widely used and respected within this field.

“Says Harvey Kaltsas, D.O.M., who flagged the CDHS report, “We’re not talking small amounts of contamination in these matters. Fargelin, a remedy commonly used for hemorrhoids and manufactured by the United Pharmaceutical Manufacture at Kwangchow, China, contains 20,000 parts per million (ppm) of arsenic. That’s 6,700 times the amount of arsenic (3 ppm) allowed by the FDA.”


“In some cases, as with arsenic, chronic heavy metal poisonings behave like common ailments at first,” states researcher Richard Ko, Pharm.D., Ph.D., who co-authored the report with Alice Au, Ph.D., from the California agency.

“Arsenic poisoning appears with flu-like symptoms for a long time, until the hair begins to fall out and legs and feet become paralyzed. The final phase appears with the onset of kidney and multiple organ failure.” It isn’t difficult to see how crossover patients caught between eastern and western medical modalities could really suffer from allopathic physicians’ lack of awareness of the current situation and be treated for flu symptoms. “

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  1. Hair Loss Treatment says:

    i used to do herbal remedies when having some muscle pains and they are really quite effective ‘;’

  2. Eating Disorder Treatment : says:

    herbal remedies are the best! i have some sprains and some indigestion and herbal remedies cured it-;~

  3. the good thing about herbal remedies is that they do not have side effects.”-,

  4. Its my understanding that just because remedies are natural doesn’t mean these remedies are completely safe. Some of the time there can still be adverse reactions. People taking supplements should still be mindful of potential side effects.

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