The Hemorrhoids Diagnosis

On the whole, everyone will, at some point in their lives, have internal or external hemorrhoids.  They are not usually observable and they do not usually cause any health issues and they usually remain out of sight and show no evident signs of existence.  You may not believe it, but roughly 15 million people in the world suffer from the dreaded hemorrhoids year after year.  When hemorrhoids do initially show symptoms, the typical reaction is one of fear, embarrassment and quite often anxiety.  All of a sudden, your once perfectly normal bottom feels like it has been ripped apart as the hemorrhoids announce themselves.  This can cause irritation and pain unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.  For most people, the panic is caused by seeing blood spots all of a sudden when wiping after a movement.  This is nothing compared to the extreme and often unbearable pain from having thrombosed hemorrhoids.  Luckily though, hemorrhoids are in reality simply inflamed blood veins that for most of us are easily treated and cured.

Man with bad hemorrhoids pain

For the majority of people, having hemorrhoids can be quite embarrassing due to the fact they are associated with bowel movements, which is considered quite taboo as it is a private and discreet bodily function.  This makes the thought of showing your anus to the doctor about as thinkable as running naked through a street.  One thing that you must therefore understand to overcome this embarrassment is that doctors are professionals.  They are discreet, highly trained – especially the colorectal specialists, and deal with all sorts of embarrassing conditions on a daily basis, including hemorrhoids.  The embarrassment can be heightened as some think that by some means hemorrhoids are caused by anal sex, which is a very common myth and bares no foundation at all.  Some people may feel that the doctor will be judgemental regarding their personal lives when asking questions about the hemorrhoids.  Doctors will not ask questions that are deemed too personal, and it is against doctors’ ethics if they will are prejudiced to your condition.  In reality, the hemorrhoids condition is so common in the medical profession that doctors are adequately experienced and skilled to perform basic hemorrhoids procedures. These can include rubber band ligations or injections, known as sclerotherapy, in fact almost any kind of hemorrhoids procedure for that matter, to treat the hemorrhoids.  This will be done either in their surgery, a clinic or an operating room.

Inside a doctors surgery

Bare these facts in mind and it will help you with overcoming your embarrassment and you should then get a sense a relief about visiting your doctor so that you can find the appropriate hemorrhoids treatment for your individual case.  Another good idea is to make a note of your hemorrhoids symptoms, so that when you discuss your condition with a doctor, it’s just a matter of reading them out, which can save lots of time and possible embarrassment too. The worst thing you can do is discuss your symptoms with someone who is not a professional and they may confuse hemorrhoids with anal fissures, warts and even colon cancer.  Always, always get you hemorrhoids diagnosis by a doctor.

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