Hemorrhoids Rubber Band Ligation

Hemorrhoids Banding Hemorrhoids in their initial stages can be treated a number of ways.  These can be natural therapy treatments, mild medications, changes in your food habits and should include regular exercise.  However, in cases where the condition is or could be severe, you may need to resort to clinical treatments.  Laser Coagulation, Haemorrhoidectomy, Injection […]

Considering the Banding Piles Procedure? Here Are Some Facts You Should Know

Banding piles or rubber band ligation is now deemed as the most effective option in treating hemorrhoids. Saying yes to a healthy diet and physical activity is likewise an excellent move, yet what you need at the moment is something that calls for immediate and burning relief. Let’s try to show why you should consider […]

Hemorrhoid Banding Technique

A hemorrhoid can be internal or external. Some internal hemorrhoids protrude out partially from the anus opening and this type is called prolapsed. Hemorrhoid banding technique is an effective method to treat the prolapsed type. This technique is safe and can be implemented by a doctor easily. In the hemorrhoid banding technique special equipment is […]

Banding Hemorrhoids – The Pros and Cons of Banding

Do you want to free yourself from all the troubles caused by internal or external hemorrhoids? Are you sick and tired of applying creams or forcing yourself to diet and exercise daily when what you really need is immediate relief? If yes, banding hemorrhage or rubber band ligation is your best option. Here are the […]