Simple Hemorrhoids Treatments and Prevention

Hemorrhoids are amoung the most common of all conditions and can develop into quite a painful problem if left neglected over time. If you suspect you have hemorrhoids, you should seek treatment immediately if you do not want the condition to escalate where surgery could be the last and only option.  Not only do hemorrhoids, or piles as they are also known, cause extreme discomfort, they can also cause associated psychological anxiety.  It isn’t uncommon for a sufferer to experience agonizing periods due to swelling and bleeding, and this may hamper your daily activities which can be very stressful.  All these factors may in turn reduce your effectiveness in the workplace too.  While there are an abundance of procedures and treatments to provide hemorrhoids relief, not all are safe.

The Options:

A healthy lifestyle and natural hemorrhoids remedies are quite often all you will need to diminish your hemorrhoids.  Natural remedies can stop the most painful hemorrhoids from throbbing in a very short space of time.

You can opt for traditional hemorrhoids treatments.  These include drugs prescribed by a qualified physician and various medical procedures.  These include Sclerotherapy, Cryotherapy and BICAP or Infrared coagulation.  However, none of these treatments are hugely popular due to various reasons. These treatments are carried out under strict medical supervision and certain procedures obviously require a term in a clinic or hospital.  Natural remedies on the other hand are safe and neither involves painful procedures nor requires hospitalisation.

Tips To Prevent Hemorrhoids:

Occurrences of hemorrhoids are more likely with the elderly and for people with digestive problems.  It is also very common amoung pregnant women due to the pressure from carrying the baby to delivery. Hemorrhoids should be treated from the very first signs and symptoms to avoid the possibility of extreme pain where surgery could be the only resolution.  However, hemorrhoids during pregnancy are usually a temporary condition and disappear shortly after birth.  Some important factors that can exacerbate hemorrhoids are straining during bowel movements, excess body weight, sitting or standing for long hours, repetitive lifting of heavy objects, etc.

• Change your eating habits.  Opt for a diet that is high in fibre.

• Take natural supplements that aid digestion.

• Avoid straining your bowels during the passing of stools.

• Take regular exercise.

• Increase your fluid intake.

• Avoid excessive use of laxatives.

• Opt for natural hemorrhoids treatments to avoid other complications and side effects.


  1. I’ve been having some problems with hemorrhoids. I didn’t know that it could become a painful problem if I don’t have it taken care of! I’ll make sure that I get to a health clinic for them to check it out for me.

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