Recommended Hemorrhoids Treatments

Recommended Hemorrhoids Treatments

If you have tried various forms of hemorrhoids treatments, then you will undoubtedly understand the variances of how each of them is used.  In this article, I shall cover what they do to the body, the way they treat the piles or hemorrhoids, and also look at the unfortunate reality about the majority of them.

Hemorrhoids Treatments

Creams, Lotions and Ointments

The most popular types of treatment are creams, lotions and ointments.  This is where you would rub a topical treatment on and around your external area around your anus, and thus aim to soothe the swollen blood vessels.  This reduces the inflammation of the tissue so that it no longer protrudes.  Once the tissue is no longer bulging, flaring up of the hemorrhoids is less likely.  This is ideal for some sufferers for an immediate solution, but unfortunately in the vast majority of cases, the hemorrhoids will reappear.


The next most popular type comes in the form of suppositories.  These are inserted up into the rectal cavity for the main purpose of moisturising the hemorrhoids which creates a lubricating effect when there is pressure present.  The aim here is to allow the hemorrhoids to heal naturally without rupturing.  For some people it works well but for others it is not as effective though it is definitely worth an application to find out.


The third most common are pills.  These are generally taken to regulate the blood pressure in your system.  These are taken to lighten the pressure on vein tissue so that the hemorrhoids are less liable to inflame.  As with all medication there can be side effects so be warned and a lot of physicians prescribe these pills as big pharmacies like to push their benefits.

These are the three most popular types of treatment though once these are exhausted do not despair; you still have other options which involve some form of surgery.  It all depends on you, the individual and how your body reacts.  In my personal experience, I found it best to first try the safer, non-surgical/medication options before going to the more extreme measures, though your physician will confirm this.

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