Pictures of Hemorrhoids A very short slide show that shows various different pictures of hemorrhoids. This is put on here for educational purposes to help those to both identify and treat these problems.


  1. hallucination22 says:

    Oh God, I got it now and I’m totally freaking out! Although it isn’t big, but still, I’m scared it might get worse overnight!

  2. SaxmanNateEarthsong says:

    @hallucination22 as i am sure you have figured out by now they will in seconds if you don’t eat more fiber and exercise. A strong push will leave you cryin on the porcelain throne.

  3. im 12 years old and what is this?

  4. AQworldsVideos says:

    I dont get whats so funny about this?…

  5. pwnm0thers says:

    @swecks im twelve too

  6. HoneyBear1297 says:

    @hallucination22 What!?! How old are you? How’d you get it? Hope you get better

  7. Witch Hazel gel works very well on piles, but can leave a burning sensation. Menthol petroleum jelly really soothes all the discomfort. If you combine the two you have a wonderful combination that cleans and relieves the pain of piles, reducing their size over time too. The first time you try this it might sting a bit but the menthol soon starts to work, leaving a cool and very comfortable feeling which lasts all day.

  8. Thanks God I just got rid of my piles problems a couple days ago. I am so relief after a month of suffering …Thanks for sharing

  9. NutsandGuts says:

    @slec3699 How did you get rid of them? Please tell me, I wanna get rid of them too.

  10. @AQworldsVideos the music they put

  11. I drank a lot of water and I also took a lot of fruits especially oranges everyday and stay away from spicy food. Most of all I told myself this problem shall past soon…All the best! Thank you!

  12. regulatorzone says:


    most disturbing comment I have ever read on youtube..

  13. I just drank a lot of water and ate a lot of fruits and avoid most of the spicy food. I always told myself this is going to be over soon and it was gone after a couple of days……

  14. 0Darkchild0 says:

    @smellofpissoffu , that comment was a good one, but trust me i dont think by the looks of thigns that you want anyone pick them, lol

  15. ima sound so ignorant but can someone do me a favor? can u explain to me HOW u get hemrroids and what they r!?

  16. @slec3699 is that all u did…

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