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  1. Hi Lucie.

    I’m sorry that the lady you care for is in such a poorly condition. I have an article here that can shed some light on the procedure. I do know that in some countries it can be a costly procedure. Here in the UK there is quite a waiting list on the NHS for treatment, but that depends upon the severity of the condition. I would discuss the options with a medical practitioner firstly in order to ascertain whether this particular treatment would be of benefit.

    I hope this has been of some help – Simon

  2. I am a care giver for an 84 year old female with internal and external hemorrhoids, she also has a thromosis , she is in extreme pain, cannot sit up. I seen the pics, and her case is 75 percent worse then the pics. I am trying to feed her every 2 hrs, because of low weight, she is 5’7″ and weighs only 80 pounds soak and wet, so she has a lot of stool smears which attribute to her hemorrhoids. Could you enlighten me on the laser treatment that is available, and its side effects. Thanks

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