Laser Treatment For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids laser treatment can be the answer for people who get regular attacks and who are really suffering from hemorrhoids. The advantage of the laser treatment for hemorrhoids is that it allows foe absolute precision of work. Via a small laser beam the hemorrhoid is literally vaporized. The aftermath healing process is usually very short. The procedure involves the application of electric current emitted through an electrode probe. The electric current triggers the reaction which shuts down the blood supply to the hemorrhoid and causes it to shrink.

How does laser work?

What the laser does is to seal off the nerves and the small blood vessels in the affected area with its invisible beam. The patient gets little to no discomfort after the procedure because the nerve endings are closed. Another advantage of the laser treatment is that the surgeon operates in a bloodless environment since the blood vessels are sealed.

What is the difference between hemorrhoidectomy and endovenous laser treatment of hemorrhoids?

o The place: Surgery is done in hospital and may require 1 to 3 days hospitalization. Laser treatment is performed in the health practitioner office.

o The post-surgery condition: After laser treatment, you can go home a couple of minutes after the procedure. Postoperative pain after surgical hemorroidectomy endures for about 2 weeks.

o The anesthesia: Surgery requires anesthesia. As laser treatment is usually painless, no anesthesia is needed.

o The scar: Unlike surgery, laser treatment does not leave a scar.

How exactly is the endovenous laser treatment performed?

After administering of local anesthesia, the laser probe is inserted into the varicose hemorrhoid vein and then heated. The vein collapses around the vein and soon afterwards the collapsed vein dries out and disappears. This procedure can rapidly treat large hemorrhoidal veins. Soon after the procedure, patients can resume their normal activities and lifestyle.

What are the risks and the potential complications?

The complications associated with laser treatment of hemorrhoids are rare and usually connected to:

o Mild numbness around the rectal area.

o The patient may get a pulling sensation which would normally last a week.

o Infection of the incision site is a rare condition and usually resolves on its own.

o Mild bruising on the treated area. The bruising usually resolves in a week.

Is laser treatment harmful to the eyes?

By no means. The patient is usually given a pair of glasses to protect the eyes. There are no other adverse effects from the laser.

Post surgery self care.

o Eat a fiber-high diet to avoid getting constipated.

o Drink as much liquids as possible preferably 8 to 10 glasses of water and fresh juices daily.

o Keep perfect personal hygiene – use medicated wet wipes rather that toilet paper for personal hygiene.

o Take up exercise – e.g. jogging, yoga or aerobics, which can enhance the muscle tone and strengthen the tissues, thus speeding up the patient’ s recovery.

o Avoid eating foods which may lead to constipation – such as animal products, coffee, alcohol, chili peppers, red meat.

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  1. Thank you for this great post. The best treatment for hemorrhoids is home treatment. It is very embarrassing if you have hemorrhoids. One method you can use is sitz bath treatment. You can also put ice packs on the affected areas to help you shrink your hemorrhoids. Cheers and keep up the good work.

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