How to Cure Hemorrhoids : What Are the Best Treatment Products for Hemorrhoids?

Discover the best treatment products for hemorrhoids in this free home health video series. Expert: Dr. Susan Jewell Bio: Dr. Susan Jewell is a British born educated bilingual Asian with a British accent and can speak Cantonese. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


  1. I’m not sure about the healing benefits of jello, but if it brings you relief, then go for it

  2. Hemoroiderator says:

    This sounds crazy, but when my hemorrhoid flares up, I make a batch of creen jello pour it into a 9×12 cake pan and sit in it for about 25 minutes. Sometimes I’ll even rub a little down in my underpants. My wife does it too but prefers orange over green.

  3. bottleracket says:

    You keep talking about pain reduction and swelling reduction. Can the hemorrhoids ever actually go away? Disappear from using these methods?

  4. you said witch hazel would help cus it constrics mussels or blood vessels or whatever. wouldnt that create more pressure? ive heard ginseng is a good relaxant. wouldnt relaxing everythng -down there- be a good way get everythng flowing properly and working right again?

  5. AirGunMarksman says:

    Exactly my question, i woke up this day and i got one 🙁 I dont want to be shuffing things up my ass, excuse me “rectum”, for the rest of my live.

  6. MrSpitfireXVI says:

    So, if I stuck that in there, Drank 2 glasses of milk then eat as many pickles as I can real fast, how far do you think I can shoot that sucker?

    actually, let me go scan the Guinness world records.

  7. One4theworld says:

    If i have hemorrhoids & it doesn’t bother me besides being too tight on going to the bathroom, can i still have anal sex once in a while..or will that make hemorrhoids worse?

  8. The best cure for hemmoroids hands down is to get into a hot tub and put your butt hole right up to one of the jets and keep it there for a while, 20 minutes or so is good, then go back into the hot tub a few more times after that and your hemmoroids will shrink and the bleeding will stop. Use the hot tub every once in a while to keep the hemmoroids from coming back. I guarentee that this works.

  9. @One4theworld ROFL.

  10. @LutMejiaJ I really hope that you don’t do that in the local pool.

  11. suckitgood101 says:

    this broad got a funny accent is she talking about us medecines avaiable in the us or elsewhere?

  12. suckitgood101 says:

    @One4theworld na3lato Allahi 3alaik ila yawm deen

  13. kermitdfrogz says:

    The best cure is FIBER, VEGETABLES, and getting off of your duff. If you’re in your 30’s age is a factor, so make sure you eat right and get up and walk around once in a while.

  14. Witch Hazel gel works very well on piles, but can leave a burning sensation. Menthol petroleum jelly really soothes all the discomfort. If you combine the two you have a wonderful combination that cleans and relieves the pain of piles, reducing their size over time too. The first time you try this it might sting a bit but the menthol soon starts to work, leaving a cool and very comfortable feeling which lasts all day.

  15. @kermitdfrogz

    The problem in a lot of cases is sitting toilets. Squatting to crap instead can make it go away naturally.

  16. @pd9971 really? =/

  17. that STUPID! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! THE PAIN!!

  18. LeeAnne1990 says:

    @One4theworld If you’re serious, don’t do it. The friction will make it WAY worse.

  19. omg 16 and i got hemorrhoids… im so sad

  20. ALETHEIA8881 says:

    to get rid of hemorrhoids you need apple cider vinegar and a cotton ball, clean your bottom with warm soapy water and washcloth, dry your area by blotting it with a soft dry cloth, apply the apple cider vinegar every time? you get the chance, at night you can apply the apple cider vinegar to the cotton ball and hold in place, checks will hold it there in place while you sleep, your hemorrhoids will clear in about 3-7 day depending how bad they are, it does sting a little but only at first.

  21. FlashWhiteSnoW says:

    @ussike30 I’m in the same boat you no joke

  22. @ussike30 LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. darkskyBAO says:

    irritating as hell, you feel like there’s a shit sticking in your ass while you walk and you have a hard time washing your ass every time ya poop. hot water sit is effective but painful and uncomfortable and i did it 3 time a day together with medications and eating high fiber foods. sigh, its always a torture for me.

  24. nickmonst3r says:

    Ok idk if I have them or not but I’m scaredbof getting them becuz ppl said since I’m gay I’m at higher risk help

  25. The COCO Bidet is a much better alternative to the sitz bath. Which do you think is better sitting on a bowl of overflowing water or having a gentle spray of water cleanse you with the simple push of a button. Not to mention that you will also save a lot of money from having to always buy toilet paper.

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