Hemorrhoids – Fact or Fiction

fact or fiction

Hemorrhoids – Fact or Fiction

Listed below are some of the most common perceptions regarding hemorrhoids facts and more importantly, for those of us that worry, hemorrhoids fiction.

  • Hemorrhoids turn into cancer.


Fiction: Hemorrhoids and cancer cells are completely different as cancerous cells are mutations of their former selves and not a swollen vein which is essentially what hemorrhoids are.  Breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Hemorrhoids are contagious.

Fiction: You cannot contract hemorrhoids through any form of contact with a sufferer.  It is a complaint and not a disease, so don’t be afraid to be tactile with a sufferer, though be careful where.


  • Only men, pregnant women and the elderly get hemorrhoids.


  • Fiction: Any gender can get hemorrhoids at any time of life, though most will pass unnoticed.  Pregnant women are more susceptible as they have extra pressure being applied to the lower abdomen and also may suffer constipation.  The elderly are more likely to develop hemorrhoids as with age can come tissue weakness which increases the risk, though does not guarantee that every elderly person will suffer.


  • Spending too long on the toilet can give you hemorrhoids.


  • Fact: This is true as the body automatically opens to pass waste product when sitting on the toilet.  If a person sits for an extended period of time, the body will naturally continue to try to pass waste which prolongs the pressure to the cushion vein and can cause the tissue to weaken.  Try not to treat your toilet as a library or puzzle room.


  • Sitting on a cold surface will give you hemorrhoids.


  • Fiction: If a sufferer with external hemorrhoids sits on a cold surface this will not help as it will cause the swollen veins to contract increasing the discomfort.  For all non sufferers, please be seated.


  • Spicy foods will give you hemorrhoids.


  • Fiction: Eating spicy foods, including the myth of black pepper which seems to be quite prevalent, will not give you hemorrhoids.  What may happen is that you get diarrhoea which will only go to irritate your hemorrhoids further.  Eat curry at your own peril if you suffer.


  • Overweight people are more likely to get hemorrhoids.


  • Fact: As with pregnancy, the carrying of extra weight on the abdominal area will add pressure, which will result in an increase in the risk of developing hemorrhoids.


These are the most common hemorrhoids myths with the absence of one particular one of a more sexual nature, which I will place below.  So for those of you who would prefer not to read on, please don’t.

  • Anal sex will give you hemorrhoids.


  • Fiction: The act of anal sex, providing it is done correctly, will not give you hemorrhoids.  A sufferer will certainly feel an increased sensation, pleasurable or not.  Please, if you do practice this, take extra care and please perform this act correctly.  I shall say no more.

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