Hemorrhoids and Home Remedies

Why do hemorrhoids and home remedies like comfrey just do not work. Well most of all these home remedies are just as the words imply home remedies.

That can include just about anything. Somebody dreams up a concoction, makes it and then spreads the word that it works.

You have to be very selective when it comes to home remedies.

Comfrey is a herbal plant, known by it’s latin name of “Symphytum officinale” and originates from Asia and Europe. There are several different species.

It has many different properties, amongst them expectorant, astrigent, antiseptic and antiflammitory.

Comfrey is used both for internal uses as a liquid and external uses as a cream. In some countries comfrey is considered a banned substance and classified as poison.

It also has many side effects like liver damage, and was found to give cancer in rats.

I personally never have used comfrey for my hemorrhoids. However I have spoken to people that have used it, and they have confirmed that it soothed the pain from new hemorrhoids only. It did not cure hemorrhoids at all, or relieve more serious cases of hemorrhoids.

Having said that, it is excellent for ruptures, all muscle injuries and bruises in fact it’s even nicknamed “knitbone.”

Therefore, before using a hemorrhoids home relief remedy, you need to know where the source comes from, and do some basic research as to whether it works before you attempt to apply any of them.

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