Hemorrhoidectomy, A Surgical Option for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoidectomy is the removal of hemorrhoids.? Hemorrhoid tissues are generally present but it turns to cause discomfort once the hemorrhoids tissues are swollen and inflamed.? Cardinal symptoms of pathological hemorrhoids are rectal pain, anorectal itchiness, and if worsen, bleeding.? For worse and uncomfortable hemorrhoids that could not be relieved by any medications or treatments, the doctor often recommends a surgical removal.?

The surgical removal of hemorrhoids, or hemorrhoidectomy, is done in a hospital for it takes 3-4 days of recovery at a minimum.? This procedure is appropriate and highly recommended by the doctors if the internal hemorrhoids are large and still cause symptoms even after using nonsurgical treatments.? It is also recommended if the external hemorrhoids are large enough to cause major discomfort and makes it difficult to keep the anal area clean.? The surgical treatment is mostly done if both internal and external hemorrhoids are present.? Most often, hemorrhoidectomy is the last resort for hemorrhoids especially if all the other treatments were explored without positive results.? The tendency of hemorrhoids to recur after hemorrhoidectomy is 5%.?

A spinal anesthesia is inducted through the spine for the patient no to feel too much pain while the surgery si done.?? There are instances that the surgeon and anesthesiologist may prefer general anesthesia instead specifically for patients to which spinal anesthesia would not take effect.

Basically, the surgery is started with an incision made in the tissue surrounding the hemorrhoids.? To prevent bleeding, the swollen vein inside the hemorrhoid is tied off.? Subsequently, the hemorrhoid is removed.? There are surgeons who prefer to cauterize the bleeders, such as the swollen vein and use the cautery machine as well to remove the swollen hemorrhoidal tissue.? The surgeon has the option to suture the surgical area or leave it open.? A sterile moistened gauze is used to cover the wound.

The patient is required to stay in the hospital a day or two for initial recovery.? There are surgical centers as well that allows a patient to go home on the day of the surgery.? However, total recovery from hemorrhoidectomy takes about two to three weeks for the wound to heal.

After surgery, the following are expected and the interventions to be done:

Expect pain post-hemorrhoidectomy.? Take pain medications as prescribed by the doctor.

It is normal to for bleeding to occur especially during the first passing of stool after surgery.

To relieve muscle spasms and pain, frequent hot sitz bath is recommended.? Hot sitz bath is basically soaking your bottom on warm water, indirectly.?

Ice packs or cold compress can be applied on the anal area to reduce pain and swelling.

Antibiotics may be given to take for a week or two to avoid infection.

Stool softeners may be given by the doctor to prevent constipation.

Diet should be fiber-enriched to help make smooth bowel movements.? Straining during bowel movements can cause recurrence of hemorrhoids.

Make sure to follow the surgeon’s advice.? Follow-up examinations are usually done two to three weeks after surgery.

Hemorrhoidectomy, to be more effective, will depend on an individual’s ability to apply appropriate changes in daily bowel habits for easy passing of stools.? Hemorrhoidectomy can provide better long-term results, yet surgery is more costly, with greater risks of complications and is more painful.?

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  1. Hi Arlette.

    Itching can be down to several factors. If surgery was involved, then the tissue can be bruised and cause itching. The most common reason for itching is mucus, which also occurs with hemorrhoids. This naturally forms to help the passing of stools to protect the lining, and if you have hemorrhoids, the body produces more to prevent infection. This can seep out of the anus and make you itch. When the body is healed, which can take a number of weeks, then the mucus levels return to normal and so the itching should cease.

    To prevent hemorrhoids, please read the posts on diet and fitness. A healthy body is the best prevention though this is no guarantee unfortunately.

  2. Arlette Imelda Santillan-Mayor says:

    Itching after hemorrhoidectomy, until when?
    How can I prevent hemorrhoids from recurring?

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    Finding a natural cure for external hemorrhoids is the best treatment. Finding a external piles cure is a real pain in the back side but suffering hemorrhoids in silence can be worse.

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