Hemorrhoids Doctor

Hemorrhoids Doctor

Hemorrhoids are a relatively common condition and they affect a large number of people, from all walks of life, all across the world. There are various factors such as pregnancy, old age, constipation, laxative dependency to name but a few, which can be responsible for causing this condition.  Apart from these some relatively mundane activities such as coughing or sneezing, have also been associated to bringing on this condition.  Some of these causes are naturally unavoidable, whereas some of them are not.  To rectify this condition, it is in the patients’ best interest to avoid these causes if possible.

Poor lifestyle choices and a high intake of junk foods are considered amoung the major causes of constipation, which in turn is a major cause of this condition.  As a matter of fact, the majority of hemorrhoids cases are believed to be due to constipation.  This is because a constipated person tends to strain during a bowel movement.

This can lead to lumps forming in or around the opening of the anal passage.  These lumps are also known as hemorrhoids.

This condition is quite often very painful and can be accompanied by slight to quite intense bleeding, particularly during the passing of stools.  These hemorrhoids are nothing other than swollen and enlarged tissues.  There are a number of ways to remedy this condition, however in the more advanced stages hemorrhoids surgery will be the only option.  Before you decide on any course of treatment, therapy or medical procedure, it is always in your best interest to consult a hemorrhoids doctor about this, primarily because the condition may have been caused by reasons other than just hemorrhoids. So, if blood loss during a bowel movement is your only symptom, it is strongly recommended that you get it confirmed from a hemorrhoids doctor to determine as to whether it is actually hemorrhoids or another medical condition.  The hemorrhoids doctor would firstly need to ascertain whether the bleeding has actually occurred because of hemorrhoids or not.

Anal bleeding might be caused by a number of things, such as gastro intestinal lesions or possibly something more severe such as colon cancer, and are very serious.  If you find that you are just suffering from just hemorrhoids, as unpleasant and uncomfortable as they are, you should consider yourself quite lucky.

For the hemorrhoids examination, the hemorrhoids doctor would examine the veins surrounding the anus.  He or she may then administer an enema to clear the patients’ colon for further examination by means of a colonoscopy to confirm as to whether you are suffering from internal or external hemorrhoids.

If hemorrhoids are diagnosed, the hemorrhoids doctor will not usually prescribe a surgical option.  For such cases non-surgical procedures are tried first, and any further decision would be taken depending upon the patients’ reaction to these procedures.  In the scenario that the non-surgical option fails to alleviate the condition, surgery could be the only option remaining that is available.


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