Cryotherapy and Hemorrhoids – Does it work??

Posted by Editor on Thursday, July 15, 2010 Under: cure I’ve gotten quite a few questions from people regarding a remedy known as crotherapy…. for example, there are gels and creams on  the market that do cryotherapy … BUT most of these really work?
I’ve never tried one myself and I’ll tell you … one of my friends Jay L. from Astoria, NY USA has tried it and agrees with the following …. it causes way more problems potentially than it intends to solve.
If you don’t know already, cryotherapy is the freezing off  of a hemorrhoid. It’s usually conducted with a cold probe to be inserted and used to freeze off the hemorrhoid’s blood supply.
It’s easy and painless…. BUT… here’s the major downfall they DON’T want you to know… I suspect…
Statistically, the area can be under-frozen or over-frozen and with larger hemorrhoids, this can damage the muscle surrounding it. Do you really want that happening? RISKING it?
A lot of people, I’ve heard need surgery in a few years again.
Not to mention side-effects like leakage and foul-smell since the muscle gets damaged – YUCK!
So if you’re considering it…. this is just my opinion here. I’m NOT a doctor and this is for personal education purposes only. I’m merely here to present my opinions to you as an alternative researcher. Yes, I have to make this standard disclaimer. 
Hope this helps enlightened people out.

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