Colonoscopy of a rectal Cancer with Hemorrhoids

A High resolution Video Colonoscopy of a patient with internal Hemorrhoids and rectal cancer. This video clip shows a common mistake that people use indiscriminately a rectal medicines for hemorrhoids like Apply a rectal cream, Hemorrhoidal Ointment Uses Temporarily relief with out any medical check up Any human being after a 40 year-old, should underwent every 5 years for a full colonoscopy for colonic polyps to be removed if not has the risk to develop a rectal or colon cancer.


  1. guncutter1234 says:

    they put a camera up a guys ass?

  2. @TheCauseOfWetPanties

    Cool story bro!

  3. @guncutter1234 yep and your day will come, hahahahahaha

  4. thehantavirus says:

    @TheCauseOfWetPanties how did you get woodtick up your ass

  5. SavedByGraceAdam says:

    @jesse0576 Agreed bro.

  6. fordxbgtfalcon says:

    thats what mine looks like

  7. quickmantan says:

    i had this done, and not being sedated or having painkillers is NOT good, horribe feeling, feels like ive bben stabbed in the abs, think of the time youve had the worst pain in your stomach and times that by ten,, and when noraml stomach pain comes and goes after a few seconds, this stays for the amount of time the camera is in there…

    but i gotta say i didnt see one bit of yellow gung shit or anything dirty in my intestinnes, and the nurses where even giggling and happy at how clean it was.

  8. ChainsmokingPothead says:

    @stupidchicken112 y u’d love that wouldn’t u lol

  9. thelegomiester says:

    Thats nasty

  10. ilikemyskin says:


  11. SimonSaysSiFi says:


  12. yourfaceisLOL says:

    Oh jesus that part at the end scared me. Like a butt flap came right at your face. But anyways, it’s good that this scares me because I have a food allergy that if I ignore too much (due to leaniant non-lethal allergic reactions), I will risk damaging my colon far enough into cancer.

    So uh… thanks, butt-cam.

  13. @yourfaceisLOL

    lmao at buttflap in your face

  14. sukebegaijin1 says:

    That is rotten gut. There is simply no cure unless you get a new guts to replace.

  15. Masmosaic1 says:

    That’s REALLY bad!

  16. DoomMaster307 says:

    Im afraid to take a shit now….

  17. wait whats that O.o???!!

  18. bakarichard says:

    @DoomMaster307 lmao

  19. alsegaih123698745 says:

    @DoomMaster307 I am afraid too I have to see a doctor very soon
    I cant put up with it any more

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