Homeopathic Cures For Hemorrhoids

Before checking homeopathic cures for hemorrhoids, let me first define what is homeopathy and how it works. Homeopathy is an alternative medicine for the treatment of different illnesses. By using non toxic medicines, mainly herbs, it relieves the discomforts associated with these illnesses, therefore curing them. It is known as the “Law Of Similars” and […]

Tradition Herbal Remedies Precaution.

A small precaution regarding Traditional Chinese Medicines. Over the last decade or so, as the popularity of alternative medicine became en vogue, many of us have at some stage turned to the ancient healing arts for many a reason.  I have seen mentioned on many forums and sites that hemorrhoids are treated with these medicinal […]

More Home Remedies

Below are some more home remedies that I have discovered and may be of use to some sufferers. 1. DRY FIGS Soak about eight dry figs in a small amount (about two cups) of water overnight.  In the morning, halve the amount, eat the figs and then drink the water. Why figs work. Figs contain […]

Home Remedies

Some Home Remedies used to relieve haemorrhoids