What You Need To Know About Visiting a Hemorrhoids Doctor For Surgery

A large number of people find that they are able to manage their hemorrhoids through the use of lifestyle changes and over the counter medications. Other people may have more severe cases that need to be treated surgically. If this is the case, they may want to know what the process is and what the […]

Hemorrhoid Examination Tips

There are a lot of pictures of hemorrhoids all over the internet. This can be helpful to those who are suffering from this condition but this can also lead to more problems. It is because some people can mistakenly diagnose the condition they are suffering from. It is very possible that you are having from […]

Colonoscopy Advance: No More Excuses to Avoid Critical Screening

In a blow to overanxious men of all heights, widths and personality types, researchers conclude that Virtual Colonoscopy (VC) is as effective as the more conventional procedure. The study was directed by Dr. Perry Pickhardt, of the University of Wisconsin Medical School in Madison, and evaluated over 1,100 adults. Colonoscopies are utilized to evaluate patients […]

Colonoscopy Risks

You would be surprised if you learn how many risks colonoscopy is associated with. Colonoscopy risks. · Colonoscopy preparation and colonoscopy procedure can cause inflammation of the bowels, diarrhea, bowel obstruction and even diverticulitis. · Anesthesia during colonoscopy procedure can increase the risk of heart failure. · Colonoscopy increases risk of internal bleeding, rectal bleeding […]

Colonoscopy – The Necessary Step in Preventing Colon Cancer

I recently received a letter from a patient talking of a sad, but all too common situation that ends in tragedy. She told me that she attended a funeral of a 45 year old woman she knew, no history of colon cancer – the true epitome of physical and mental health. Unfortunately, she underwent a […]