The Hemorrhoids Diagnosis

On the whole, everyone will, at some point in their lives, have internal or external hemorrhoids.  They are not usually observable and they do not usually cause any health issues and they usually remain out of sight and show no evident signs of existence.  You may not believe it, but roughly 15 million people in […]

Hemorrhoids Doctor

Hemorrhoids Doctor Hemorrhoids are a relatively common condition and they affect a large number of people, from all walks of life, all across the world. There are various factors such as pregnancy, old age, constipation, laxative dependency to name but a few, which can be responsible for causing this condition.  Apart from these some relatively […]

Colonoscopy of a rectal Cancer with Hemorrhoids

A High resolution Video Colonoscopy of a patient with internal Hemorrhoids and rectal cancer. This video clip shows a common mistake that people use indiscriminately a rectal medicines for hemorrhoids like Apply a rectal cream, Hemorrhoidal Ointment Uses Temporarily relief with out any medical check up Any human being after a 40 year-old, should underwent […]

How to Get Through a Hemorrhoid Exam

You know you should go in to see the doctor about your hemorrhoids, but fear often stops people. Will it be too embarrassing to live with? What questions will the doctor ask, and how embarrassing will it be to answer? How does a hemorrhoid exam work, anyway, and is it avoidable? Well, the first thing […]

Hemorrhoids – Classification and Clinical Examination

Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids (the ancient Greek (aimorrois), composed of (aima) “blood” and (reo) “drain”) are normal anatomic structures, which are responsible for protecting the anal canal, to help to maintain fecal continence and perform venous drainage of the region. We call hemorrhoids dilation of veins, with or without inflammation, hemorrhage or thrombosis of them. It is […]