Acupuncture, Herbs and Diet. 3 Hemorrhoids Treatments That Really Work

If you are a hemorrhoids suffer, it is more than likely that you are still trying to figure out the best way to handle this condition?  It is perfectly normal to be frustrated and angry as you struggle to find a cure or remedy that will have a positive effect.  With a plethora or remedies and cures out there, finding one which suits you and your body is a long and daunting process. The hemorrhoids treatments covered in this particular article could be very helpful to you and may help you decide how best to proceed, so please read on.

One particular hemorrhoids treatment, which is widely overlooked, is acupuncture.  Practised on a daily basis in China, this ancient method of healing with needles is becoming a worldwide favourite due to its high success rate and pain free application.  Acupuncture heals the body by focussing on the energy centres that run within every one of us.  When hemorrhoids become inflamed, acupuncture has proven very efficient at alleviating this issue very quickly.  If you are interested in using this method, you will be surprised to find there are quite an abundance of qualified practitioners in your area.  Another Chinese favourite that is widely overlooked is reflexology.  This system utilises similar principles as acupuncture, but instead of the application of needles, the reflexologist uses their fingers to work the acupuncture points.

acupunture points for treating hemorrhoids

Health shops are increasing as more people are looking towards herbal remedies, and there are several herbs that have proven very popular for the treatment of hemorrhoids.  Some of these herbs will be taken orally and others will need to have a local application. The majority of people are familiar with the name Aloe Vera and its remarkable healing properties, and maybe you are too?  This plant is very effective at soothing burned skin as it reduces inflammation, and for these same reasons it is soothing for hemorrhoids too.  Should you choose to investigate on your own, two more popular topical applications are Witch Hazel and Saint John’s Wort oil.  There are plenty of research facilities available regarding herbal remedies, and there are others articles available on this site.  Many people find that herbal remedies can be a good and effective alternative to prescribed medicine.

hemorrhoids herbal remedies


Your diet can play a substantial role in the cause, treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids.  The underlying factors that are the cause of constipation are very often associated with the cause of hemorrhoids.  A common reality is that not eating enough fibre will bring about constipation and that can be a major contributor to causing hemorrhoids.  If you want avoid constipation, you should eat more whole grains, fruit and vegetables.  It is advisable to avoid junk food, processed foods as these can contain high amounts of unhealthy fats that are primary causes of constipation.  Foods that are spicy can irritate hemorrhoids, so these should be avoided also.

diet for hemorrhoids

As you can see, hemorrhoids can be treated in many different ways though not every method will be effective for every sufferer.  If your hemorrhoids are the result of a poor lifestyle, such as a poor diet, you will need to change this in conjunction to using herbal remedies and medicines.  In general, hemorrhoids are easily treatable and avoidable, and the hemorrhoids treatments listed above have proven completely effective to so many sufferers.  Try them, what have you got to lose except your hemorrhoids!

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